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Traders, packers and producers

We remain committed to the development of the country, as well as supporting domestic producers, providing alternative solutions to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, showing the world that Colombia is a country with potential in the agro-industry.


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A bit of our history


In 2020, during the pandemic, two visionaries from Antioquia took the bold initiative to establish a company based on the circular economy model, where their approach was based on the principle of "to produce by preserving and preserving by producing". Supported by three fundamental pillars: economic reactivation, environmental responsibility and social respect, their idea would not only revitalize the economy, but would also leave a mark on environmental protection and the promotion of a healthy society.


With a significant milestone, Coltropicos is formally created as an agro-industrial company, with a focus on fruit packaging and export, marking a new chapter in its trajectory and initiating the construction of its packaging plant.


With great enthusiasm, the packaging plant is launched, marking a new chapter in the company. The first Hass avocado export is successfully achieved, highlighting the company's commitment and vision.

This achievement is not only significant for the company, but also demonstrates its ability to turn plans into successful realities. The successful operation of the packaging plant reflects the company's dedication to providing high quality products and meeting international standards.


Coltropicos celebrates a significant achievement by reaching its 100th export. This milestone highlights the company's continued growth and underlines its outstanding position in the market.

The milestone of 100 successful exports not only demonstrates the quality and reliability of Coltropicos products in international markets, but also testifies to the dedication and continuous effort of the team that supports the company. This achievement reflects its ability to maintain high standards and adapt to changing global market demands.

Our purpose

Coltropicos has as its fundamental purpose to enhance the value chain of fresh fruits for export, establishing trusting alliances with producers. Our focus is on ensuring efficient procurement of your products through fair commercial proposals, backed by a highly trained technical field team.

Our commitment is to become producers' preferred trading partners, through fruit supply contracts that foster mutual trust. Through these contracts, we provide expert technical advice to constantly raise the quality of the agreed fruit. Our holistic approach ranges from crop management and crop optimization, to the improvement of calibers through nutritional enrichment and efficient irrigation management.

We strive to maintain optimal phytosanitary conditions through precise and timely treatments, and optimize harvesting and post-harvest management procedures to avoid challenges such as unwanted maturation, dehydration and deterioration.

Our central purpose is to cultivate lasting relationships of trust with producers, while driving growth and joint success through the constant supply of exceptional products in international markets. We are committed to excellence and sustainability, and we constantly strive to innovate and exceed standards, thus strengthening our position and contributing to the well-being of communities in our environment.

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plant staff
plant staff

Our mission

We are a company in constant evolution that generates value bringing colombian agricultural products to the whole world.

Our vision

To be a leader in the global agro-industry with direct distribution and direct trade focusing on a sustainable business model and a better shared future, having an impact on the lives of people and the planet.

Our values

Acting according to corporate values, our mission and vision we focus on customer and consumer satisfaction, offering safe products with high quality standards of national and international character.

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Collective learning

Foster an environment where individuals and teams in an organization work together to share knowledge, experiences and perspectives in a consistent and collaborative manner.

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Operational safety

Ensure a safe and secure working environment for all employees, collaborators and assets in the organization. This approach aims to minimize risks, prevent accidents and promote safe practices in all operations and processes of the company.

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Social intelligence

Cultivate and promote the ability to understand, relate and collaborate effectively with people in diverse contexts. This approach aims to develop a high sensitivity to the emotions, needs and perspectives of others, and to use that understanding to build strong and productive relationships.

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We seek the highest quality and perfection in all areas of the organization. This approach aims to constantly exceed established standards, striving to achieve optimal levels of performance and results in every aspect of operations.

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Adaptive thinking

Build the capacity of the organization and its members to cope and thrive in changing and challenging environments. This approach aims to develop mental agility and readiness to adjust strategies, approaches and solutions as new circumstances arise.